Free to Be is more than the name of a business. It is a belief and a philosophy of life. It is my belief that each of us has been created with unique gifts and potential which, when identified and nurtured, lead to a life of contentment, joy, and fulfillment. Honoring this design in our self and in each other empowers each of us to be our best, personally and relationally. That's great freedom - freedom with both active purpose and meaningful boundaries.

As your life coach, I partner with you to achieve what is most important to you. I am committed to you and to your dreams. While you may feel overwhelmed or without direction, frustrated by the lack of ongoing progress from your own efforts ... take heart! The "power of partnership" is available to you!

Coaching is not counseling or therapy. It recognizes your stability, and honors your desire and ability to look at yourself, to share honestly, and to actively make changes in your life. I trust the wisdom that lives in you and I will help you listen to it, clarify it, and take steps to follow it toward your dreams. What awaits is a life that is uniquely designed just for you ... a life honoring your values and gifts and style.

Whether you want to grow personally, enrich your marriage, or improve the healthy functioning of your business, coaching can assist you to achieve what you desire more completely, quickly, and efficiently. Coaching is also convenient to your schedule and location, since it is done as effectively by phone as it is in person. You consider the options and determine which method best fits your situation.

All that is needed is your decision and commitment to move ahead into the life of your future. I encourage you to see what a difference working with a life coach can make!

John Rottschafer, PhD
Certified Life and Relationship Coach

Grand Rapids, MI, USA

PH: 616.450.4615



“Thank you for the support and guidance you give me on my journey of change…. You help me to believe that change is really possible.”
- Rockford, MI


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