Everyone has dreams. Everyone has gifts. Everyone has a purpose in life. We all have been uniquely designed by our Creator to live a life of fulfillment reflecting our individual gifts, style, and passions.

Free to Be Life Coaching is dedicated to helping you live the life your heart desires... a life released by freedom and empowered by courage.

What is it that holds you back from a life of fulfillment and joy?

  • Not knowing what it would look like?
  • Not knowing where or how to find it?
  • Limits placed on you by yourself or others?
  • Fears, doubts, or even the belief that perhaps you weren't meant to have that kind of life?

The fact that you are here, now, exploring this site is a powerful statement of the desire that lives within you for something more...something better.

Congratulations on listening to your heart and courageously taking this first step! I encourage you to explore further and learn more about life coaching, about John, and about what powerful things we can do working together.

If you're ready for the exciting freshness of change...

If you want to break free of those self limiting fears, beliefs, and habits...

If you're ready to claim the freedom to be all that you were designed to be by your Creator... then I am ready to partner with you to face your challenges, achieve your goals, and unfold a life of fulfillment that reflects your unique gifts, style, and purpose.

All that is needed is your decision and commitment
to dream...to dare...to do...
And to move forward into the life of your future.

John Rottschafer, PhD
Certified Life and Relationship Coach

Grand Rapids, MI, USA

PH: 616.450.4615
Email: john@freetobelifecoaching.com


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