I have lived most of my life in the mid-west of the United States, with a few years spent on the west coast in California attending graduate school. I grew up in a family of eight and married shortly after college graduation. That was thirty six years ago. Today, my wife and I have three grown children and six grandchildren. They continue to enrich us, educate us, and challenge us to grow along with them.

People, relationships, and freedom have long been important to me. My professional life includes over 30 combined years working as a psychologist and life coach. Whether leading groups and organizations, or working intimately with individuals and couples, my passion is to empower those I work with. The greatest joy I experience as a coach is to see my clients break free from the restraints holding them back, claim the life of their dreams, and live in fulfillment and joy.

My personal experience of freedom finds its greatest expression in my exercise of choice and in my passion to explore and to live beyond the limits of fear and doubt. Having been raised in a Christian home, I choose to flourish in the freedom and love of my Christian faith, both personally and professionally. My life mission remains to glorify my God by walking with Him, by empowering those I meet and work with, and by taking joy in the life He gives me to live.

John Rottschafer, PhD
Certified Life and Relationship Coach

Grand Rapids, MI, USA

PH: 616.450.4615
Email: john@freetobelifecoaching.com



“…I will change. You have given me courage and strength to do that.”
- Grand Rapids, MI


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