Partnering with John as your life coach opens the door to growth and fulfillment right where you want it. Where do you find your greatest challenge? Where are you no longer willing to `just settle' for what is? You decide ... you set the agenda ... based on your values, your dreams, your goals. John helps you clarify your vision, own your power, overcome obstacles, stay on course, and celebrate the steps you take towards the life your heart desires.

Marriage Enrichment / Relationship Coaching
When was the last time you were really excited about the most important relationship in your life? Have you exchanged joy and unity for challenge and distance? Step into a coaching partnership with John designed to refresh, rebuild, and revitalize your marriage to levels you have always wanted, honoring the strengths and contributions of each partner. Relationship coaching is also ideal for couples anticipating marriage who want a solid foundation on which to build their future.

Life Balance / Stress Reduction
Is your life too full, choked by demands and obligations? Does your own success interfere with you living out your other joys and values? Through coaching, find how you can simplify your life, reducing what drains your energy while building on your true interests and passions. Rediscover the joy of self care and of living your life by decision, rather than by default.

Leadership Coaching / Team Development
Effective leadership takes more than being in the right position at the right time. It's more than being a boss, a director, or a supervisor. Leadership is as much an issue of character and relationship as it is of knowledge and experience. Are you ready for your new position? Are you as effective a leader in your current position as you want to be? Coaching helps you work from your strengths, opens your eyes to blind spots, builds your confidence, and helps you relate as a leader others will look to and respect.

Health Coaching / Weight Loss
What good does it do to succeed in life if you don't have the health to enjoy the benefits of your success? Whether you're trying for the first time to lose weight and improve your health, or you're frustrated by the repeated failure of your own efforts in this area, you'll be amazed by how much you can accomplish working together with a coach who supports you, encourages you, keeps your eye on your goal, and nudges you when your motivation slips. Coaching is especially valuable for bariatric procedure patients who face the adjustments of life following surgery. Working with your coaching partner makes all the difference!

Spiritual Growth and Development
Are you searching through the wasteland of `things', trying to find the piece that is missing from your heart? Do you want to expand your spiritual life beyond knowledge and ritual? John will respectfully assist you to listen to your heart, connect with your Spirit, and develop an intimate personal relationship with your God.

John Rottschafer, PhD
Certified Life and Relationship Coach

Grand Rapids, MI, USA

PH: 616.450.4615



“Thanks for giving me the courage to be the woman I am, and the confidence to be the woman I’m striving to become.”
- Walker, MI

"When life seemed murky and scary for me, you could see clearly and with calmness that our God is faithful to direct us and take care of us. Thank you for being God’s helping hand and our guiding light toward living a good life.”
- Jenison, MI


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